Your Company Needs To Keep These Businesses on Speed Dial

As a business owner, you know it takes a lot to keep your company going. After all, regardless of what service or product you provide for the public, you need other contractors to help with marketing, delivery, keeping things clean, etc. To thrive and remain competitive, here is a list of businesses that any company needs to keep on speed dial.

Pest Control

If you own a home, you understand how essential pest control is. After all, no homeowner or renter wants rats, roaches, or termites running around their property. Well, guess what? Commercial pest control is just as important for anyone who needs to protect their business investment.

Imagine having a client over in your office for a meeting or interviewing a potential new hire only to see a mouse or a rat run across the floor. How do you think your employees feel if they had to work with lots of roaches running around? While mosquitoes and other flying insects come with summer hot weather, it doesn’t mean people want to be getting bitten inside when trying to get work done. In other words, pest control professionals can help maintain your business reputation. Removing and preventing vermin shows you keep your business clean. Clients and visitors can feel safe from dealing with a bunch of nasty vermin around them

Any business that thinks they have an infestation needs to handle that immediately. After all, most vermin can multiply very quickly. Rodents can have several litters in one year. According to the CDC, mosquitoes can lay up to 100 eggs at one time in sitting water. Plus, if your business property has termites, those wood-hungry insects can destroy the actual structure within a few years.

Proper pest control can affect your business property value. If you’ve already invested time and energy in renovating and maintaining a building, you don’t want your efforts to go to waste. However, if your business property were to come under appraisal, no professional would give your business structure high regard if it shows obvious signs of a vermin infestation. Your business value will come in handy if you decide to sell your property one day. After all, you may want to move your business to a new location, and the greater the resale value you can get, the better profit you can have. Your commercial property value also affects your business equity, which affects your overall net worth. As a result, that can affect whether you’re able to get a business loan, which could help your company expand in time.


You can’t run your business in the dark. That’s why any company needs to have a local commercial electrician on speed dial. Electrical services can ensure that your wiring is always in compliance. After all, there are specific safety codes that any building, especially a commercial one, must have to remain in operation. To keep your business permit, your property should be safe, especially if you have people working inside every day.

Frayed wires are a fire hazard that can threaten the safety of anyone inside. It could also destroy your business investment, and you would have to rebuild. Even if your entire structure wasn’t destroyed in a fire, it could cause major damage to any equipment or products you sell. Outdated wiring can cost you a lot of money beyond fire damage. Even without a fire, old wiring can increase your electrical bills because they’re not running at an efficient level. Your company may constantly have power outages because your power grid can’t keep up with all of the devices plugged in. That’s why any company needs to have commercial electricians on speed dial to do various checks and updates.


Anyone who wants to protect their business from constant leaks or cave-ins needs to have a local roofing company on speed dial. After all, a solid roof will protect your commercial property just as much as it would your home. A roof with cracks or holes makes it easy for wet weather to seep into the building. As a result, that wetness can get into your foundation and create expensive water damage. You may not even realize you have a roof leak until it’s too late. At that point, if you don’t fix it, you may be working in an environment that is breeding mold.

Mold is a health hazard that can get your business shut down if you don’t handle it. It doesn’t take long for mold to form. Matter of fact, it can begin growing on a wet surface within 24 to 72 hours, according to experts in the industry. You can prevent this mold from growing by having your roofer do regular inspections and maintenance. Find a roofer you trust enough to bring back to your property as much as needed. If you’re in an area where there are frequent storms, it’s always a good idea to have a roofer check your roof afterward. Have the roofer come for a post-storm inspection even if you’ve recently had an annual inspection.

Today, a commercial roof is available in several materials that can suit your business’s exterior design and climate. For ultimate protection, look into installing a commercial metal roof. Metal roofing has grown in popularity for both residential and commercial property owners. It’s no surprise to see this growth since metal is extremely durable and can last 40 to 70 years, according to Bob Vila. Metal also has a Class A Fire safety rating, which means it can protect your property in case of a lightning strike or won’t ignite quickly due to a nearby fire. Do you live in an area that’s prone to fierce winds like hurricane storms? Well, your commercial metal roof can withstand winds as high as 140 mph.


Never underestimate the importance of sanitation for your business. Anyone who doesn’t plan on sweeping and mopping every day in addition to regular duties needs to look into commercial cleaning companies to hire. A regular cleaning staff can ensure that your company remains a sanitary, clean, and safe space for everyone to operate in. Have them come and clean your company every day or a few times a week. They often have flexible schedules that can work around your needs.

Did you know a carpet can be 4000 times dirtier than a toilet bowl, according to cleaning experts? Well, imagine how dirty a commercial carpet is with so many people walking on it every day. With regular commercial office cleaning services, your carpets can be cleaned once or twice a day. These cleaners will wipe down desks and keyboards and clean upholstery. They’ll also clean the air vents on your HVAC system so no one is breathing in dust or allergens. Your windows will look shiny and beautiful, and they’ll keep the dust off for any commercial blinds. Of course, they’ll ensure your kitchens and bathrooms are always up to par, so no one has to eat lunch or relieve themselves in a dirty space.

Commercial office cleaning services have never been more important in the time of COVID. While the world is now open again, COVID-19 is still part of the ecosystem. It’s still contagious and can spread when you touch contaminated surfaces. With better office sanitation, you can keep your commercial space free from this virus.


Anyone who has a storefront needs to keep it looking beautiful and presentable. After all, you need to make a good first impression, and that will be one of the first things people see when they approach. A good storefront, much like a good sign, can bring customers into your business, even if they didn’t initially intend to come inside.

Take a good look at your commercial storefront glass. Are there cracks? Is it beginning to feel unstable? If so, it’s time to call it a contractor who specializes in installing such storefront doors. Once you’ve replaced it with the right type of glass, then you can also consider other elements to pull people in. Depending on how much storefront space you have, you may want to create displays that show off your products or sales. A storefront can also be another place for you to hang a temporary banner or permanent signage.


Signage is important for any business. Anyone who takes their business seriously needs to ensure they have updated signage. A sign advertises your business and lets everyone know where it is. Poor signage can make it difficult for someone to find a business even if they were looking for it. A good sign is effective at bringing in people from the street who didn’t even know your business existed. According to Statistica, as many as 60% of first-time customers enter a store due to a good sign.

Thanks to technology and advances in design, you have many types of signs that you can display outside. Commercial digital signage may incorporate LED lights or even some fun animation. As a result, your signage can be seen day and night from a far distance, and you can make your sign stand out on a block that may be filled with otherwise boring ones. A sign is important for your branding as it displays your business name. It may also display your logo and interesting tagline.

When you invest in a good sign, you don’t have to worry about spending money on it again until you need to replace it or if it needs a quick update. Unlike TV or print ads, you don’t have to constantly keep paying for sign usage. Once you’ve bought the sign, it’s yours to keep and use as you like. So, for anyone who needs to be mindful of business overhead, the easiest way to quickly advertise and effectively do so is by finding a custom sign maker to help you. Find a sign that can survive the elements of the climate that you’re in.


Any professional business needs to worry about security. Security can come in many forms. For example, you may have something as advanced as a high-tech video surveillance system, and you may have something, as simple as guard dogs. You can use a range of these things and more to protect your business, whether people are working there all day or it’s empty for the night.

The first order of business should be to install an alarm security system. It works just like a residential alarm, except you have a larger property to protect. You have an alarm code that you’ve set before leaving for the night that will go off if intruders come. An alarm security system could also be silent and alert you to motion detection in certain zones that have restricted access. You may also have limited entry gates in which only employees or certain levels of people can come through.

Security usually involves both exterior and interior video surveillance. These days, most places have security cameras indoors in case something happens, such as theft or violence. You should also have this type of video surveillance on the perimeter of your property to alert you if someone is trying to enter who shouldn’t be around.

People still also use guard dogs to ward off intruders. After all, certain breeds of dogs, such as German Shepherds, Pit Bulls, and Rottweilers, are known for being very protective of their owners. They could quickly alert to an invasion at any time of day. Plus, a guard dog won’t hesitate to protect its master. So if you have a sole proprietorship and want additional protection in addition to your alarm and video surveillance, a guard dog may help you feel safer.

These are some things any professional business owner needs to tend to. After all, your business is a major investment, and you don’t want to ruin your chances of making a profit. Protect your structure and personal safety with pest control, regular cleaning, a security alarm system and so much more. Make 2024, a year that you enhance your business for the better.

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