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These NYU Classes are Perfect for Professionals

Known as one of the most prestigious schools in the country and one of the top universities in the world, New York University boasts a wide array of schools and colleges for all kinds of disciplines, leading to them crafting a long and respectable list of alumni.

However, all that prestige comes at a price, literally: NYU is one of the top 50 most expensive U.S. universities and located in one of the most expensive cities in the country.

But all is not lost: in pursuit of academic excellence, NYU has started offering e-learning modules and online courses to help people learn about particular disciplines without having to take on a full load or moving to the Big Apple.

NYU actually offers a fair amount of online courses, many of which are part of a larger certification program that is practically as good as an actual degree from the prestigious school. So if you’re looking to expand your knowledge or beef up your resume, here are some NYU classes that you could take online.

Online NYU Classes for Adults: Basics of Computing and Programming

Program Length: 9 weeks

Certificate cost: $199

For many adults, coding may seem like an alien concept. But many programmers relate coding and programing in general as being akin to learning a new language. With basic computing and programming, people can talk to their computers to help them complete various tasks, from simple database creations to more complex projects.

In the NYU class Basics of computing and programming, students are taught the foundations of programming. It starts with an introduction into Python, binary code, loops, strings, branching statements and number systems. The course is part of the Computer Science Fundamentals MicroBachelor program. The course itself is free, but you’ll have to pay a little extra for certification (which is highly recommended, especially if you’re a business owner).

Online NYU Classes for Adults: Introduction to Programming in C++

Program Length: 8 weeks

Certificate cost: $332

Once you’ve found your programming sea legs, learn another programming language, this time C++. C++ is one of the most widely used programming languages next to Python and is essential in machine learning, database creation, videogames and scientific research.

If you’re thinking of going completely freelance, having familiarity in both Python and C++ can make you an attractive prospect for companies looking to hire third-party contractors for their coding needs. The certificate costs a little more than the other courses on this list, but it’s a great way to set yourself apart from your peers.

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Online NYU Classes for Adults: Creative Coding

Program Length: 14 weeks

Certificate cost: $249

In a digital world, coding has become less a niche discipline and more of a requirement. Sure, you don’t need to know how to program a Jarvis-level AI or a groundbreaking stocks analysis program, but learning how to do back-end web development can help you build credibility and skill for your own business.

Creative Coding is an NYU class that focuses on coding for creative endeavors like videogames, digital art, and digital design. Throughout the program, students will be taught how to use specific tools for 2D art, animation, and other design-heavy purposes. The program itself is free, but there is a fee to be officially certified by the university. This is the first course in their Integrated Digital Media MicroMasters program, a comprehensive digital media curriculum that preps students for a digital-forward design industry.

Online NYU Classes for Adults: Theories of Media and Technology

Program Length: 14 weeks

Certificate cost: $249

One of the most lucrative industries in our digital world is graphic design, but what sets a regular graphic artist from a great one is knowledge or expertise in User Experience/User Interface, or UX/UI.

Becoming a field expert in UX/UI allows people to be more aware about how graphic design can be used to influence people’s decision-making, which is crucial when designing an e-commerce website or crafting a digital marketing strategy for your business.

In the NYU class Theories of Media and Technology, students are taught about the nuances and confluence of media and technology, and how each one impacts society and culture. It shows students how and why media is created and consumed, and how this knowledge can be integrated into your professional life. It’s recommended that students take the free Creative Coding class first before venturing into Theories of Media and Technology.

Online NYU Classes for Adults: Introduction to Performance Studies

Program Length: 13 weeks

Certificate cost: $49

A lot of non-humanities majors find out later in life that they have an interest in the arts, be it in painting, music, or the performing arts. Many people, unfortunately, tend to avoid the arts because it can be difficult to make a career out of it.

However, for people who are making it into a career, earning a certificate in Performance Studies from NYU might just be what you need to get that precious callback.

The NYU class Introduction to Performance Studies teaches students how to process, analyze, and eventually perform various types of performing arts, from theater and dance, and applying it both onstage and off. The class also looks at the performing arts across a diverse spectrum of cultures, historical time periods, different experts, and other nationalities.

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