Kabir Mulchandani Transforming into the Most Powerful Indian in Net-Zero Luxury Living

In the realm of luxury living and sustainability, Kabir Mulchandani, Chairman and Founder of FIVE, stands as a pioneering force. At a recent Reuters NEXT event, Mulchandani unveiled a revolutionary project that propels Net-Zero Luxury Living into a trailblazing future.

FIVE, known for its existing luxury hospitality portfolio, is now breaking new ground by delving into building infrastructure technology. This ambitious endeavor takes flight from the architectural marvel FIVE Jumeirah Village, known for its iconic cork-screw façade and vast greenery fostering air purification, natural ventilation, and light.

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Building on this foundation, FIVE is set to redefine sustainable living by integrating cutting-edge technology into unprecedented applications. The result is Net-Zero Luxury Living, a paradigm that seamlessly combines elevated eco-consciousness with an uncompromised luxury experience.

From a technical standpoint, the project is designed to meet its energy needs through renewable power sources. Covering the roof, façade, and base, a staggering 35,000 square meters of solar technology, equivalent to five soccer fields, will envelope the exterior. This colossal effort is eight times greater than previous endeavors, allowing FIVE’s Net Zero Project to generate 5,781 MWH, surpassing its energy requirements of 5,607. This commitment to renewable energy positions FIVE as a frontrunner in sustainable practices.

To enhance efficiency and foster a connection with nature, the tower will feature 31,640 square meters of green terraces draping the vertical façade. From cooling green coverage to innovative greywater systems, smart utility management, solar sunbeds, and kinetic energy tracks, FIVE’s latest building concept seamlessly integrates sustainability into various lifestyle spaces, spanning luxury hospitality and residential living.

What sets FIVE’s Net Zero Project apart is its reliance on proven-concept designs and existing technologies. Unlike lofty visions relegated to 2050, this ground-breaking prototype is a plug-and-play solution ready for global implementation. It redefines and revolutionizes the building infrastructure landscape, where Net-Zero Sustainability seamlessly intertwines with Finest Luxury Living.

As Kabir Mulchandani spearheads this transformative initiative, he is emerging as the driving force behind the metamorphosis of FIVE into a symbol of sustainable opulence. His vision and leadership position him as a trailblazer not just in business but also in steering India towards a more sustainable and luxurious future. In this endeavor, Kabir Mulchandani is undoubtedly transforming into the Most Powerful Indian in the realm of Net-Zero Luxury Living.

This project not only showcases FIVE’s commitment to sustainability but also establishes Kabir Mulchandani as a key player in ushering in a new era where luxury living harmonizes with environmental responsibility. As Net-Zero Luxury Living becomes a reality, Kabir Mulchandani’s influence in this transformative journey is undeniable, solidifying his status as the Most Powerful Indian in this progressive space.


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