How to Start a Porta Potty Rental Service

A porta potty rental business is a viable business idea. From events to construction services and beyond, people rely on these portable bathrooms to relieve themselves when public bathrooms aren’t accessible. But how can one actually start a porta potty rental service? ServiceCore tackles some of the essentials in their video covering the topic.

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Have a Solid Business Plan
A business plan is crucial to any type of business, no matter how foolproof it may seem. Understanding the market and demand for porta potties as well as how to get them placed or rented is essential, along with marketing to get word of the business out there. Business plans also cover licensing, competitor research, and financing ideas, all of which are essential to the health and operability of a business.

Source the Porta Potties
Porta potties are the products being sold (or in this case, rented). Understanding where to source porta potties and how to get the best deal is the next logical step. More importantly, look into how many are needed to ensure business goes smoothly.

Come Up With Profit Projections
Knowing how much one may make by renting out porta potties is what encourages people to start this business in the first place. Do calculations to determine how much these may rent out for and how much annual income that will result in. Set goals that will support the business while leaving enough to live off of or more.

A porta potty rental service is a business idea that likely won’t wane in terms of demand. However, there are many considerations to make sure this business plan is one that will work. Utilize the tips above to start a porta potty business that is both sound and profitable.

A business plan is crucial to any type of business

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